Community Health Tracker App

Humane Africa Mission is very excited to announce the launch of our new app! As the world is currently undergoing the Covid 19 pandemic, HAM took a bold step to specifically identify, assess and assist our community in dealing with the pandemic.

The Community Health Tracker app provides a simple and straightforward way for anyone in the community to submit health related symptoms.

The information gathered from user submissions is extremely helpful to assist health institutions and health departments to understand and provide life saving intervention measures during Covid 19 pandemic.

However HAM’s experience in community health led them to develop a solution that goes beyond Covid 19. The app will also be used to capture symptoms of other infectious diseases..

The app actually does more than collection of Covid 19 data. It can be used to track both primary and secondary impacts of any infectious disease in our community.

Maurice Olum, HAM ICT representative.

It is now very easy for anyone to submit their symptoms freely and instantly!

On registration, add yourself and those under your care .e.g. the elderly, the incapacitated or children.

Once added, simply select the member and begin submitting symptoms under the appropriate health topic.

Answer the questions as accurately as you can and tap submit. We recommend submitting at least once a day however you can do this as often as you like.

It’s that simple.

Our app is currenty available on Android. Simply click the logo to visit the app download page on Google Play.

Alternatively you can search for “Community Health Tracker” on Android Google Play store.

The iPhone version will be available soon.

We would like to encourage everyone to download and submit symptoms as often as possible.
We have plans to improve and intergrate more services in the future however we are keen to hear from the users to help us in the journey.

Many thanks in advance.